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Bookmarked Thoughts: 6 Things Avid Readers are Tired of Hearing

  1.  “Of course you’ve read X, right?”

    As much as I’d love to, I haven’t read every single book that’s ever been published. It really annoys me when people assume that because I read a lot I’ve definitely read whatever book they’re reading.

  2.  “You read what!?”

    Yes. I do read picture books, and children’s books and graphic novels. I hate it when other people judge what I’m reading – plus, you’re missing on some great reads. So I don’t get too upset because it’s your loss.

  3. “You have to read X”

    No I don’t. It bothers me when people force recommendations on me – just because I like to read, doesn’t mean I like to read everything. I appreciate suggestions, but please don’t shove a book on me.

  4. “I watched the movie”

    I’m sorry but watching the movie is NOT the same as reading the book. At all.

  5. “How do you read so much?”

    Because I enjoy it, and I make time for the things I enjoy. I don’t even read as much as I could because there are other things I enjoy and I like to spend as much time on everything as possible.

  6. “What should I read?”

    I don’t mind handing out suggestions, in fact, it makes my day if someone says they liked a book I recommended, but I can’t read minds. If you don’t tell me what kinds of books you’ve liked in the past or what you’re looking for, I can’t help you.

What things do people say about reading that annoy you?





5 thoughts on “Bookmarked Thoughts: 6 Things Avid Readers are Tired of Hearing

  1. I so agree with you on all of these. Additionally, because I have a degree in literature and taught High School English, people expect me to be able to quote anything from any book ever written.

  2. Couldn’t agree more!! THE most annoying thing lot of non-readers say to me is: “what is it in reading that you like?” Well, Can you answer that?

    1. I don’t think anyone’s said that to me… but that is annoying. I don’t know, why does anyone like anything? Maybe because travelling to other worlds and seeing new perspectives without going anywhere is awesome? I’m not sure how I’d respond if someone said that to me.

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