Review: The Wild Robot by Peter Brown

robotWhen robot Roz opens her eyes for the first time, she discovers that she is alone on a remote, wild island. Why is she there? Where did she come from? And, most important, how will she survive in her harsh surroundings? Roz’s only hope is to learn from the island’s hostile animal inhabitants. When she tries to care for an orphaned gosling, the other animals finally decide to help, and the island starts to feel like home. Until one day, the robot’s mysterious past comes back to haunt her….

The Wild Robot is a cute story about survival, adaptation, family and community.

I was intrigued by the unique description and the fact that the Roz shares my name (I rarely find my name in any variation in books). It’s a really quick read and I enjoyed it, however I did find the story a little too young for me, but children would definitely love this one.

The plot is very simple and a little too sweet, but conceptually this book has a lot going for it. There’s a lot that can be discussed: how an animal adapts to it’s environment, the importance of learning from others, trying to fit in in a strange place, the delicate balance between nature and technology, the meaning of family and friends, the cycle of life…

I also liked the short chapters, the direct addressing of the reader, and the slightly lyrical writing. Paired with simple illustrations it’s a fun, light read. The ending is left perfectly unresolved, allowing you to imagine the continuation of Roz’s story.

I’m looking forward to Peter Brown’s next novel. If you liked this one, you should try Owly



6 thoughts on “Review: The Wild Robot by Peter Brown

    1. I think it would work well for the middle grade age group: 8-12 years. There are some darker moments, some animals die for example, but overall its not scary and the story is very straightforward. It would work well to read aloud too, I’d imagine.

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