Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

This week’s theme for The Daily Post’s photo challenge is ‘focus‘. “You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.” -Mark Twain I was very happy with the bokeh I was able to capture in this photo by shooting into the light, and with the help of Photoshop to tweak a few… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus


June Birds

“The woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best”     ~ Henry van Dyke ~ Summer means birds visiting our garden, and between the three feeders we’ve hung up and the soil crowded with grubs and worms, our garden hasn’t stayed quiet for long this year. I’ve… Continue reading June Birds


May Flowers – Part Two

I love taking pictures of flowers, and definitely feel like they are one of my photographic strengths. I enjoy playing around with depth-of-field and isolating the prettiest blooms in order to get the best possible composition. I then edit them in Photoshop by darkening the background a little to make the flowers pop. Please don’t share… Continue reading May Flowers – Part Two


Some Thoughts on Sexism in the Publishing Industry

I’ve been working in a library for around two years now and have gotten a chance to see how books are categorized and what kinds of books different people read and take home. And I’ve come to the unsettling conclusion that the publishing industry still remains largely sexist. I’m definitely not going to be the… Continue reading Some Thoughts on Sexism in the Publishing Industry


A Day at the Pond

I visited a pond a couple of days ago to get some pictures of the baby geese and ducks. While not my best photography, as I’m still getting used to both my new camera and capturing moving animals, I thought I’d still share some of them here. As always, please don’t use these photos without… Continue reading A Day at the Pond


May Flowers

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” ― Margaret Atwood I love spring (apart from the inevitable allergies). Winter is much too grey and gloomy for my liking; spring is so much prettier with all its colourful blossoms and flowers. I enjoy gardening and watching things grow and… Continue reading May Flowers


Cherry Blossoms

Last week I finally decided it was time to upgrade my camera. I had been previously shooting with a Canon Rebel XS, which, while a very good camera for a beginner, wasn’t allowing me to grow creatively. Four days ago I received my new Canon 70D with an 18-135 IS STM lens and saying its a HUGE… Continue reading Cherry Blossoms