Fairytale Garden: A Photo Essay From Guildwood Park


Guildwood Park is like something out of a dream or fairytale or both. It used to be the home of a couple who collected remnants of early 20th-century buildings for their garden. Today it’s used as a wedding and festival venue, and the grounds – with hiking trails and all the weirdly wonderful structures – are open to the public.

My goal for this essay is to portray the otherworldly atmosphere of the park. I shot in raw so I had quite of a bit of creative freedom with the final results. I used LUTS to unify the series and removed all traces of people and fences. The lighting conditions changed rapidly, so each shot is lit differently, but I think it further enhances the fairytale quality.

Three things I learned: don’t use F22 (at least until I learn how to use it properly) because it did some weird things to the focus. The small raw setting is too small if I’m planning on doing any serious editing. And shooting from the hip is much harder than it looks – I attempted to use it to get more natural angles but failed miserably. I’ll get another chance at it though as I’m hoping to return in the fall because I think the park would look stunning with the changing leaves.

Hope you enjoy, but please don’t use or share my photos without my permission!

brick roadarch 2temple 2lion archmantletemplefountainboysredlion arch 2temple detailarch

Have you been anywhere exciting recently? I’d love to hear all about it!!


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