May Flowers – Part Two


I love taking pictures of flowers, and definitely feel like they are one of my photographic strengths. I enjoy playing around with depth-of-field and isolating the prettiest blooms in order to get the best possible composition. I then edit them in Photoshop by darkening the background a little to make the flowers pop.

Please don’t share or use these photos without my permission!


I took these first two photos while at the pond where I was taking photos of ducklings. As adorable as the ducklings were, I made sure to get some photos of the pretty wildflowers too!


Today while at a garden centre, I found some mini rose bushes and grabbed one with gorgeous red flowers. There were thunderstorms this afternoon, so after the rain ended I was able to get some lovely shots of the water droplets on the petals.

rose 1
It was still a little dark, but the gorgeous pinkish-red tones come through in this photo
rose 2
I’m really excited to watch it grow – I’m sure I’ll end up posting more pics 😀

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