Bookmarked Thoughts: Rio 2016

Throughout the year, you’ll rarely find me watching sports. I may watch a bit here or there if something interesting is on, but I don’t follow any leagues or teams or athletes.

But when it comes to the Olympics, I suddenly become a sports junkie. I spend the whole time watching as many events as I can, keeping track of the medal count and cheering for #TeamCanada.

It’s not one reason, but many. It’s because I prefer having someone to cheer for, and in the Olympics I can always root for Canada. Because I love watching all sports and the Olympics is the best place for that. Because there’s something wonderful about watching the best in the world battle for gold. And because I enjoy the thought of experiencing something along with the rest of the world and being part of something big.

Last year I got the extraordinary opportunity to volunteer at the 2015 Pan Am and ParaPan Am Games in Toronto. I miss that; being part of it from the ground, being in the crowds and behind the scenes. Hopefully, one day I will be an Olympic volunteer too. But for now, I’m satisfied with watching as much Rio 2016 as possible.

Are you watching the Olympics in Rio? Who are you cheering for? Let me know in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Bookmarked Thoughts: Rio 2016

  1. I enjoy watching the Olympics too! Although I’m more of a fan of the winter games (I’m really fond of hockey and ice skating), there is something so wonderful about getting all patriotic and cheering for the best country in the world! ……I’m from Canada too! 🙂
    Very cool that you volunteered at the PanAm and ParaPanAm Games. My best friend actually competed in the PanAm games in the roller figure skating event. There’s nothing quite like being so invested in a particular athlete and feeling the hype in your own city!
    Enjoy the Games!

    1. I enjoy the winter games too because Canada is usually in the top of the medal count lol.

      It’s awesome that your friend competed in the games! Being in the stands for the althetics (that’s where I was stationed) and feeling the energy and support of the crowds was incredible.

      I’m so proud of the way we’ve been doing at the Olympics so far – a medal everyday is amazing 😀

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