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Bookmarked Thought: Four More Wondrous Libraries

Just over a year ago, I was searching for beautiful libraries and was surprised that I could only dig out four that were designed with books in mind. The rest were simply beautiful buildings lined with shelves. You can check them out here.

But, I decided after having so much fun with my list of 10 Stunning Bookstores that I decided to dedicate this post to four more libraries around the world that I’d love to visit and read in (even if only for the architecture!) .

1. Trinity College Library, Dublin – Ireland

The dark wood arches filled with books are absolutely beautiful 🙂

lib 2.jpglib 1.jpg

2. Clementium Library, Prague – Czech Reblulic (AKA The National Library of the Czech Republic)

That ceiling. And the displays and the floor and the windows….  it’s like being transported to another time Smiling Face With Heart-Shaped Eyes on Microsoft Windows 10


clementium 2

3. The Abbey Library of St. Gallen – Switzerland

So majestic with its painted ceiling and curving balconies… Like something from a fairy tale castle


gallen 2.jpeg

4. Wiblingen Abbey Library, Ulm — Germany

This colourful opulent library stole the final spot on my list!


wil 2.jpg

Which library is your favourite? Have you visited any of these libraries? Let me know in the comments below!





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