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Bookmarked Thoughts: 10 Stunning Bookstores – Part Two

So here’s the second part of my list of gorgeous bookstores from around the world that I’d love to visit. Sure, I’m a library person, but any place filled with books is a place I’d love to be and these bookstores are truly breathtaking.

If you haven’t seen it already, you can check out part one here.

1. Shakespeare and Co., Paris – France

Can I live here? Please…  🙏

libra 6.jpg


libra 6-6

2. Alexanda Book Cafe, Budapest – Hungary

Not technically a bookstore, but this cafe is the second level of a bookstore – breathtaking design + good books + good food = win!

libra 7.jpg

libra 7-7.jpg

3. Libreria Bardon, Madrid – Spain

Walls of old books? Beautiful ❤

libra 8

libra 8-8.jpg

4. Carturesti “Carousel of Light” Bookstore, Bucharest – Romania 

This bookstore is just the perfect mix of old and new!!

libra 9.jpg

libra 9-9

5. Zongshuge Bookstore, Hangzhou – China

I’d love to explore this bookstore 😲

libra 10

libra 10-10

 Which bookstore is your favourite? Have you visited any of these bookstores? Let me know in the comments below!




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