Bookmarked Thoughts: The Right Book at the Right Time

book stair and man

I have gone through a few phases in terms of my reading preferences, recently returning to the kinds of books I read as a child and steering away from those I liked as a teenager. No longer am I interested in young adult dystopians and paranormal romances, I much prefer middle grade fantasy and historical fiction.

It’s hard to pin down favourite books because my tastes are constantly evolving. Can I still call a book I no longer love a favourite, or should I accept the term as something transient and ever changing?

I believe that books, like a great many other things, are contingent on time and place, not to mention mood. The fact that my tastes and preferences have changed speaks to my growth as a person. I am more bothered by poor writing and cliched plots than I used to be, and find myself, more and more, seeking books that challenge me and speak to who I am in this moment.

Each book I have ever read, has, in some tiny way, shaped the person I am today.  And for this reason, I try not to be embarrassed by the books I used to love and look forward to where reading will take me next.


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