Best of 2015: The Movies

best of movies


Out of the animated movies I watched in 2015, two really stood out:

Best Story: Whisper of the Heart is a love story, a contemplation on art, and a coming of age story that is perfectly executed.

Best Artwork: The fairy tale-esque The Tale of the Princess Kaguya‘s artwork is breathtakingly beautiful.

Out of the live-action movies I watched, I settled on my three favourites:

Best Sci Fi: Transcendence is a thought provoking, philosophical love story about the power of technology that is both smart and unconventional.

Best Fantasy: Crimson Peak is a romantic, gothic horror story that, were this my version of the Oscars would win best production design. It would also win for my biggest movie obsession of the year. I really loved this one.

Best Overall: Without a doubt, The Imitation Game was the best movie I watched in 2015 and is one of the best movies I’ve ever watched. Every part of the movie is perfect – the historical aspect, the edge-of-your-seat plot, the intense emotions and the brilliant acting.

What made your ‘best of 2015’ lists? I’d love to know!



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