Bookmarked Thoughts

Bookmarked Thoughts: More Book Art!

So this is the third time I’m returning to this topic (and certainly not the last!) I love art, and am a bit of an artist myself. I also love books and book art is the perfect combination of the two. It also allows me to post art themed content on a blog that I’ve tried to keep centered around book and movies.

So far I’ve featured Sue Blackwell, Yusuke OonoJodi Harvey-Brown and Jeremy May.

I recently read the book Art Made from Books compiled by Laura Heyenga and found some new book artists I’d like to share!

**Note: all pictures and are taken from the artists’ websites**

Jennifer Collier 

Jennifer uses paper like fabric, stitching it into two or three dimensional objects. You can see her website here

jen 1

jen 2

jen 3

Guy Laramee

Guy carves into books to reveal the erosion of culture. You can check out his website here.

guy 1guy 2guy 3


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