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Bookmarked Thoughts – Four Wondrous Libraries

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Upon entering a library, you should never want to leave. It should be inspiring and cozy, filled with books and friends. When looking through lists of “the worlds most beautiful libraries” I found that many were simply beautiful buildings, stunning architectural monuments stacked with shelves. The books weren’t the focus. They deserved to be on architectural lists, but for a library? As much as I’d love to visit some of them, I wouldn’t really want to read there.

Four stood out to me: The Stuttgart City Library (Stuttgart, Germany), The John Rylands Library (Manchester, England) the Vasconcelos Library (Mexico City, Mexico) and the Vennesla Library and Cultural House (Vennesla, Norway) . These put my local libraries to shame, and induced daydreams of exploring the shelves and cozying up with a book in each one.

Stuttgart: I love the clean, simplistic style of this library. I can imagine running up and down those staircases and browsing the shelves!

John Rylands: I am in love with the architecture and all of the little nooks and crannies perfect for curling up with a book.

Vasconcelos: This one looks like a puzzle to figure out where the books are, and how to get to them!

Vennesla: This sci fi library is made for reading. The entire library is filled with innovative seating areas.

Which library do you want to visit? What is your favourite library? Let me know in the comment section below!


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