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blogWhere do I get inspiration for my non-review blog posts? What do I do when the dreaded writers’ block strikes? I don’t know if I, or any blogger, can answer these questions definitively. When inspiration strikes it is hard to pinpoint its source and when it’s gone there’s no calling it back. The lightbulb over the head analogy is quite fitting. A better question to ask would be: Can you help that spark ignite quicker? I believe so. While you can’t force yourself to become inspired, you can definitely speed things up. How?

When looking for inspiration I think about the things I’m passionate about. What has bothered you recently or sparked debate (or angry ranting)? What articles have piqued your curiosity or made you feel a strong emotion? What topics are trending at the moment? Most of my rant posts come from conversations I’ve had with friends and family.

If you’ve exhausted your passions, move on to your interests. Do you enjoy photography? Share some photographs you love. Like cooking? Discuss or share recipes and tips. Even if your blog is focused on a specific topic (as mine is), with some creativity, you can combine the two. I love art, and my blog is about books (mainly) so I found some book art that I liked.

A good idea I’ve seen is to keep an inspiration notebook in which you can jot down ideas on the go. Once you’ve found inspiration you don’t want to lose it! The absolute worst is when you sit down to write and can’t remember what you were going to say. Then you have to find something else to write about and hope you remember your idea later. (Trust me, it sucks).

How do you find inspiration?  I’d love to hear from you!


I love hearing from you and will always reply!

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