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Reading Slump 


A Reading Slump is a common ailment that refers to feelings of despondency relating to reading. Symptoms can last anywhere from days to weeks and can appear with little to no warning.


Symptoms vary from person to person but generally include:

-the feeling that no book will ever feel appealing

-a general disinterest in reading, even books that are considered ‘favourites’

-a shift in behaviour from reading to staring at bookshelves

-jealousy or anger directed at anyone seeming to enjoy a novel


Often the cause of a Reading Slump is unknown, but it typically appears upon the completion of:

  • a ‘favourite book
  • a ‘DNF-ed’ novel


Reading Slumps are particularly difficult to cure due to their ever-changing nature, and the inability to pinpoint an exact cause. Two methods have been proven to be successful in treating Reading Slumps, though it is often left up to the individual to find their own way of dealing with the symptoms and hopefully curing their bout of Reading Slumps. When one has decided upon a method of treatment, it must be seen through to completion until the Reading Slump is cured.

Method One: Time

Waiting can be a most effective cure. Forcing oneself to read can exacerbate the problem and has been known to turn a Reading Slump into a longer ordeal. Instead, one must find other things with which to occupy one’s time until the Reading Slump has passed. In order to assure it’s passing, wait until a desperate feeling to read has taken hold before picking up a novel.

Method Two:  Ignorance

This method is harsh, yet effective in it’s simplicity. Simply select a novel you are sure to enjoy, sit down in a Comfortable Place and convince yourself that you will enjoy the novel in your hands. Do not move from your location until you have become engrossed by the novel. If you do not become engrossed in the novel, try once more with a another book until you are successful.

Above all else, remember to not give up hope. All cases of Reading Slump abate over time leaving The Reader with a renewed passion for reading.

How do you cure your Reading Slumps? I’d love to hear from you!


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