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Summer Reading


My goals for this summer are very similar to the goals I set for the year as a whole. I have very few commitments and am looking forward to filling my free time reading. So without further ado, here they are:

1) Read as wide a variety of books as possible:

  • Summer is the time when I experiment the most with books, reading stuff way outside my comfort zone whether it be in a genre I don’t usually read or a format I haven’t yet tried. I’ll probably end up DNFing quite a few, but there will be way more that I’ll love. I’ve recently discovered my love for picture books, so I plan on devouring a bunch of those. I’d like to read more adult books, and get into poetry.

2) Read at least 40 books:

  • During the year I average about 10 per month, so I want to push myself to double that number. And, I’m only going to read books I really want to read. I’ve decided to no longer read books I’m not that interested in just because I feel like I should, or because I saw some good reviews. It’s never worked out and has just pushed me into a reading slump.

3) Finish those series that I NEED to read:

  • This summer I plan on reading Gone by Michael Grant and Maximum Ride by James Patterson. I’ve started both of these a can’t wait to binge read the entire series’.

What are your summer reading goals? I’d love to hear from you!


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