Review: The Battle for WondLa by Tony Diterlizzi

Genre: fantasy, science fiction Age Level: middle grade Series: WondLa #3
Genre: fantasy, science fiction
Age Level: middle grade
Series: WondLa #3

It all comes down to this.

Eva Nine tried to stop Cadmus from going to was against the people she loves but she fails. Now was runs rampant across Obrbona. Cities are in ruins, people and aliens scatter for refuge, and Eva and her friends are on the run.

Eva realizes she is the only one left who can save Orbona from being destroyed. She and her friends now face the greatest trial of all – and this time, the future of the planet is at stake.

The Battle for WondLa is the epic conclusion to the trilogy that the New York Times Book Review praised as “reminiscent of Arthur C. Clarke”. 


“But our knowledge, the things we learn, can carry on in others after we are gone…The toil of this journey, our journey, is the map for those who will follow.”

Two years have passed since A Hero for WondLa. Two years filled with pining and longing and praying. And I would gladly do it all again. The Battle for WondLa blew my expectations into oblivion and was everything I’d hoped for and more. It is, and will forever be one of my favourite series and I truly love it.

The Battle for WondLa is brilliantly executed from start to finish. I am at a loss for words to even begin to describe how perfect every aspect of the novel was. It is poignant and genius on so many many levels. It is the story of a girl finding her home and achieving her destiny. It is about the bonds of friendship and family. It is about trust and betrayal and hope and death. It is about the bond between all living things and the fine balance of power between the people and the government, between nature and technology. And so much more.

The Battle for WondLa is about standing up for what’s right, and sacrificing for the greater good. It is about understanding that to kill and to be cruel are not necessarily the same thing. And that sometimes, one girl can save the word. Eva’s character development from The Search for WondLa is monumental. Though born of technology, she becomes one with nature and her transformation is incredible to follow.

The world building is mind blowingly awesome; rich and detailed. Orbona is a wondrous place brimming with all kinds of marvelous creatures, earthen and alien alike. The pacing is perfection and I devoured the story in a matter of hours, unable to part from the terribly engrossing tale. It is tense and serious, and lighthearted too, but always deeply deeply touching.

The ending is quite possible the best of a series I have ever read. It is satisfying in a way most other series never are. Part sweet and part shocking, the final sentence gave me chills and left a smile on my face. This is how you write an ending.

Highly recommended to all middle grade fantasy lovers.

“We are born, we live, and we perish, perhaps to be born again in some other form…Galaxies are but one living entity burning with the energy from all of us. Life and death are but siblings who turn the universe continually. Endlessly.”

Other books in the trilogy:

The Search for WondLa – Book 1

A Hero for WondLa – Book 2

Have you read this book? What did you think? I’d love to hear from you!


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