Review: The Prince of Mist by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Genre: fantasy Age Level: Young Adult Series: Niebla #1
Genre: paranormal
Age Level: Young Adult
Series: Niebla #1

A mysterious house harbors an unimaginable secret…

It’s wartime, and the Carver family decides to leave the capital where they live and move to a small coastal village. But from the minute they cross the threshold of their new home, strange things begin to happen. In that mysterious house still lurks the spirit of Jacob, the previous owners’ son, who died by drowning.

With the help of their new friend Roland, Max and Alicia Carver begin to explore the strange circumstances of that death and discover the existence of a mysterious being called the Prince of Mist; a diabolical character who has returned from the shadows to collect on a debt from the past. Soon the three friends find themselves caught up in an adventure of sunken ships and an enchanted stone garden; an adventure that will change their lives forever.


The Prince of Mist builds up gradually, from a rather slow beginning to a heart-stopping conclusion. It is the perfect dose of creepy for those who want to be scared, but still be able to sleep at night.

There are many strange things that take place in the story, and not all of it gets explained. Moving statues, clocks winding in reverse, creepy cats and whispering voices. The Prince of Mist himself is a devil-like figure immortal and all powerful, though he isn’t quite like any devil I’ve read about before.

It is hard to create compelling and deep characters using a third person narrative, but Zafon manages to make his characters come to life.  Max, Alicia and Roland seem very real and I reached the level where I knew them well enough to predict their future actions with much success. I loved watching their bond of friendship grow and the sweet romance between Alicia and Roland. The characters all mature by the end of the book as the events that take place have a profound impact of their lives. Victor Kray is my favorite character due to his unusual story and strong motives.

The plot is very well executed, but I wish the twists had been more surprising. However, it never failed to be captivating and as the story built up to the conclusion, the book demanded all of my focus. I felt as if I were part of the story, experiencing events along with the characters, which helped the book feel more scary and real. 

The Prince of Mist is a great story, and I look forward to reading more of Zafon’s books! Recommended to fans of ghost stories.

Have you read this book? What did you think? I’d love to hear from you!


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