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The month of January proved to be a crazy start to the year. I had dozens of tests and demos, numerous projects, and a grading in Taekwondo. I was constantly studying and working. Usually when I’m busy with school I skip TKD, but couldn’t this time.  My inbox is close to 400 unread emails. I barely read and couldn’t get on to my blog which sucks. I spent the free time I had resting or watching TV. 

So how important is it to make time to read? When I say I didn’t read, I still read a few graphic novels, but haven’t touched a novel in weeks. Reading de-stresses me as I can lose myself in the story and forget about my troubles. But, when I’m so zapped of energy I’m falling asleep whenever I get a few minutes off, is it still worth it to read? It’s a question I don’t really have the answer to. Do I push through in the hopes that it will be beneficial, or do I not even bother due to the fact that I’m way to tired to concentrate?

It’s the same thing with blogging. Do I somehow make time for it, or just leave it until things slow down? I always feel like I’m just procrastinating, because it does take some effort to write a post. It’s also way easier to blog about books after you’ve read them instead of waiting a month. On the other hand, school is my top priority and I need to focus on work before anything else. I get stressed out easily, so the less I have to do at once, the better.

Generally I make time for both blogging and reading, but there are times when it is pretty much impossible. I really hope February is a slower month and that I can get back into blogging, because I really missed it.

Have there been times when you’ve been too busy to read/blog? Do you push through or wait for things to clear up? I’d love to hear from you!


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