Winter Storm

This is the first time I’ve had access to the internet in the past few days so I figured I’d post something to explain my disappearance. I live just outside of Toronto and was caught in the huge ice storm. On Saturday night I was volunteering at my Taekwondo club’s sleepover party and we lost power around 10 o’clock. At my house, the power went out at 2 in the morning and stayed out until 8 on Monday night, leaving me without power for a total of 46 hours. Internet connection has been extremely limited and will probably still be for the the rest of the week.

Everything is coated in ice and is actually really pretty if it weren’t so dangerous. Trees are down everywhere; a branch fell on the sidewalk by my house, and the whole tree is still creaking.

My dad had to pour antifreeze on his car to be able to get inside and our driveway was a skating rink. We were worried about the food in the house, but it was so cold nothing happened. By Monday night the temperature was down to 9 degrees Celsius inside and I had to sleep with a ton of blankets and wear extra layers of clothing in the day.  We kept going out for drinks to stay warm and listened to the radio in the evening when it got to dark to read.

For all those still without power, stay warm! I hope everyone gets power back as soon as possible and that everyone stays safe.

The pictures below are mine:






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