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Bookmarked Thoughts is a weekly meme presenting my thoughts on a specific topic or image. If you would like to join in please let me know in the comments below.



 When I rate a book I try to be both objective and subjective at the same time. Half of the rating is the quality of the book, and the other half is my enjoyment level. So for a book to get a high rating it has to be good and I have to like it. 

5 stars: I don’t give that many books five stars. So far I have deemed only eight books worthy of a five star rating. To get this rating, when i finish a book the only thought in my mind must be “that book was brilliant!” (Brilliance being a combination of uniqueness and genius). 

4.5 stars: Near perfect. This is when I love the book but it still has a few flaws 

4 stars: A really good book that I thoroughly enjoyed. Flawed but still a still a solid read

3.5 stars: The story has flaws, but leaves me with a good impression and contains aspects that I really liked

3 stars: I don’t feel strongly about the book either way, but I liked it

2.5 stars: Almost at a level where I could say I liked it, but not quite. The story has serious flaws.

2 stars: It wasn’t awful, but wasn’t very good either

1 star: I either couldn’t finish the book, or really disliked it

I am a pretty tough marker when it comes to books. I never just hand out ratings or gush over every book I read. The only reason most of my rating are at least three stars is because I only read books I think I will like, and look into books before I read them. If I don’t like a book I’ll just DNF it and won’t write a review because I want to forget about the book ASAP. 

How do you rate books? I’d love to hear from you!


I love hearing from you and will always reply!

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