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Bookmarked Thoughts (20)

Bookmarked Thoughts is a weekly meme presenting my thoughts on a specific topic or image. If you would like to join in please let me know in the comments below.

Recommending Books 

Giving Recommendations

I find it hard to recommend someone a book without getting to know their taste in books first. Just because someone liked book x, doesn’t mean they’ll like a similar book. I need to know specifically what they liked and disliked about different books and authors before I’ll feel confident in giving them a book I think they’ll love. There are three types of people who ask for recommendations:

1) The first kind of person only reads very specific books yet still continues to ask for recommendations even though they know they’ll never actually read them.  I personally find this annoying, and end up telling them I don’t have any recommendations for them to get them off my back.

2) Then there’s the average person who likes a variety of books and enjoys a good recommendation now and then. I’ll try to give them a book I think they’ll like based on other books they’ve read.

3) Last, is the reader who’ll read just about anythings and lives off other’s recommendations. These are the best people to recommend to because all you have to do is tell them the last book you really enjoyed.

Receiving Recommendations 

I fall into the second type; I read multiple genres but put my own preferences before the recommendations of others. I still love receiving them though, as I’ve discovered some really good books.

What do you think about giving and receiving recommendations? I’d love to hear from you!


I love hearing from you and will always reply!

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