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TV Shows


 This weeks topic is not book related. And it isn’t because I’ve run out of ideas (though laziness definitely played a part), but because I’ve been obsessing over a few TV shows and thought it would make a good post.

I’m only able to watch series when they come out on DVD because my TKD classes fall directly over the good time slots so I’m always a season behind. It’s annoying, but at least none of my friends watch the same TV shows so I’m not at risk for spoilers.

I am currently watching 4 series:

once-upon-a-timeThis show is the BEST TV SHOW EVER. I watched the first season with my family and we finished it in one weekend because we couldn’t stop watching. It is addictive and awesome and amazing and did I mention awesome?

murdochThis show has everything I love. It’s set in the late 1800s/ early 1900s (for the most recent season). There are mysteries and conspiracies along with great characters and romance.


I’ve been watching this show for about 3 years now with about 1-3 episodes a week. I love anything alien and this show not only has that but also just plain old mutations and paranormal stuff.

Dr Who

I know I am in the minority here but I’m not a huge fan at the moment. I’ve only watched season one and am not that interested in continuing. It just seems super far-fetched and the characters annoy me.

What are your favourite TV shows? I’d love to hear from you!


I love hearing from you and will always reply!

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