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Book Clubs

book club

I’m constantly checking the calender and counting Mondays; waiting for my next book club meeting. We’re a small group, only four including myself but we have a ton of fun, mostly due to the fact that it’s pretty chill. We meet monthly on the fourth Monday of the month in a small library. For the first half hour we discuss the book, though its never much of a discussion as its very rare that we’ve all read it. After that, we watch X-files and eat.  We’ll read anything from middle grade to adult in pretty much every genre except horror, click lit and romance. For the last meeting of the year we have a party which doesn’t differ much from a regular meeting except that there’s no set book.

Are you part of a book club? What’s it like? I’d love to hear from you!


2 thoughts on “Bookmarked Thoughts (16)

    1. Last year we chose all these depressing books and no one ended up reading them. So far we’ve had better luck because we’re choosing stuff we’ll actually read. Hopefully you’ll be able to suggest more interesting books 🙂

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