Review: Chasing the Prophecy by Brandon Mull

Genre: Fantasy Age Level: Middle Grade Source: Library Series: Beyonders #3 Interest: series
Genre: Fantasy
Age Level: Middle Grade
Source: Library
Series: Beyonders #3
Interest: series

The #1 New York Times bestselling Beyonders fantasy trilogy comes to a stunning and epic conclusion. Jason and Rachel were not born in Lyrian. They did not grow up in Lyrian. But after all of the battles and losses, the triumphs and adventures, and most of all, the friendships forged in this fantastical world, Lyrian has become home to them in a way they never could have imagined.

And so, armed now with the prophecy of a dying oracle, they have gone on their separate quests—each surrounded by brave and powerful allies—knowing that the chance for success is slim. But Jason and Rachel are ready at last to become the heroes Lyrian needs, no matter the cost.


Chasing the Prophecy was an emotional read for me due to both content and the fact that I didn’t want it to end and have to leave the world behind. Lyrian is an amazing land and I would do anything to visit it again. Well maybe not anything. There’s no way I’m jumping into the mouth of a hippo! But jokes aside, Lyrian is a world I have come to love and it was agonizing to separate from it. I can’t remember the last time it was so hard for me to say goodbye to a book. Mostly I end books, even those in the middle of a series with a feeling of satisfaction and without longing for the next book. With Beyonders, it was a whole other story and I almost cried at the end.

I was a little disappointed with the ending. Enough to want to toss the book across the room and go on a screaming rampage about how epilogues suck. Instead I just ranted to my brother about the unfairness of it all and vowed to never read an epilogue ever again. Of course I retracted my statement later, but I’m still upset with the way the trilogy ended because that epilogue was in no way necessary.

The rest of this review was just going to be rambling praise for this series so I figured I might as well make a list. So without further ado, here are 7 reasons to read Beyonders:

  1. They’ve got AMAZING world-building. The world building is so freaking good you’re not just able to imagine you’re in Lyrian, you are there. Long after the story ends you will find yourself thinking about Lyrian and wishing you could return.
  2. They’re jam packed with action. These books contain non-stop action moving from one scene to the next, each crazier than the last. Packed with battle scenes, quests, secret missions and suspense there are no boring moments!
  3. They’re totally original. Beyonders differs from the usual fantasy with dragons and elves, etc. and offers up new species that are completely original. They aren’t completely crazy either and are close enough to humans to be relateable. 
  4. They’ve got incredible plots. These books are anything but straightforward. There are subplots and twists galore!
  5. They’re smart.  This is a bit of a combination of the previous two but these books make you think. The species created have interesting life spans bringing up many questions about the purpose of life and living. The plot twists were not just thrown in to mix up the plot but enhance the book. Even the villain is not your run of the mill villain.
  6. They’re laugh out loud funny. I don’t laugh at just anything but these books are seriously funny. Not all the time, but there are some pretty hilarious lines tossed in.
  7. They’ve got memorable characters. While the character building isn’t that great, the characters are more than meets the eye. They are relateable and act realistically which for me is a big score. The group dynamics and conversations are really good as well.

So hopefully I’ve convinced you to pick up these awesome books and give them a try!

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Have you read this book? What did you think? 


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