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Drowning in Books

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Source: 8

It can sometimes get overwhelming when you’re to read shelf easily outnumbers all your others on Goodreads, you’re constantly tripping over unread books and you feel as if you’ll never read everything you want in your lifetime. So what do you do?

I think its important to forget about the numbers and just read what you want to read. I always remind myself that I am reading because I want to be reading not to meet any goals. I also try not to get sucked into hype about books because I don’t believe in reading books just because they are popular.  Just because a book has been raved about constantly doesn’t mean its good, just that its popular, and though the two sometimes overlap, its always better to choose your own books.

Another thing I do is to be wary of long series. You know, the ones that go one forever and are more like TV series than books. This allows me not to get sucked into reading tons of books and to avoid reading books that slowly deteriorate as the series progresses.  At some point the plot becomes redundant and the series loses the thing that made it special and made me like it in the first place. Or the author seems to be writing the books just to be selling them and doesn’t put any effort into the plot. The worst is when I’m liking a series and this occurs because then I feel almost obligated to read them, though now I’m going off topic.

Last, I always make sure to have a quick read on hand so whenever I’m pressed for time I can still squeeze in some reading and feel like I’ve accomplished something.

Do you sometimes feel like you’re drowning in books? What do you do about it?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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