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Bookmarked Thoughts (8)

Bookmarked Thoughts is a weekly meme presenting my thoughts on a specific topic or image. If you would like to join in please let me know in the comments below.


re-readRe-reading takes time away from other books that need to be read but I do it anyways because of two reasons:

1) I enjoy re-reading my favourite books over and over again because I get to be reminded of why I love them so much in the first place. As I grow older I also look at things in a different light and there is so much more that you can learn reading a book for a second time. Plus they’re my favourites for a reason – I love reading a book that makes me truly happy!

2)I have a terrible memory when it comes to books. Certain books or events stand out to me, the rest I honestly can’t remember. So when the next book in the series comes out, its time to re-read. Also I like to re-read some books from my childhood because a lot of them actually have deeper and darker meanings.

What do you think about re-reading?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!


One thought on “Bookmarked Thoughts (8)

  1. I very rarely re-read because of exactly the reason you mentioned – it takes time away from the new books I am desperate to try. I have a terrible memory too, though, so I try to skim previous books in series when I can, but even that doesn’t happen very often. I need to be better about it. 🙂

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