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Bookmarked Thoughts is a weekly meme presenting my thoughts on a specific topic or image. If you would like to join in please let me know in the comments below.


world dominationWe all know of the stereotypical super villain bent on world domination. They are the evil good seeks to vanquish and we never learn much about their motivations except that they are set on revenge. They sit in high backed revolving chairs and wear cloaks and might have a cat or two.

I don’t know about you, but I have never met someone who fits this description. In books, villains can range anywhere from the stereotype to normal people with messed up views on life.  The best ones are the ones that are polar opposites from the super villains I described above.

In life things aren’t so clear cut. I am a great believer in grey areas. No one is truly good or evil (let’s try not to get too philosophical here) so why should villains be?  Villains believe that what they are doing is right and so does the hero. The only difference is that the hero’s morals are on par with what we consider to be the ‘right’ way to behave.

So what makes the ultimate villain? In my opinion it is someone who readers can sympathize with, someone who blurs the lines between right and wrong and makes us wonder if they are even evil at all. Because villains are characters too –  not just a representation of evil.

Stereotypical villains exist because people need someone to hate. They want to see good triumph and the only way this can be justified is if the villain is 100% evil. Also it is scary to think that real villains can be anyone even someone who believes their intentions are good.

I could probably talk about this topic for hours and may even return to it in a future post, but I’ll leave will a final message:

Dear super-villains,
So you destroy the Earth.
Sincerely, …then what?


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