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What makes a cover appealing?

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All book covers have titles, the name of the author and some sort of graphic or image. So why do some catch your eye and others don’t?

Well, I think that book covers have to attract the correct audience. If you see a cover with a faerie on the cover you’d assume that it was paranormal, if there was a couple on the cover you’d think contemp, and if there was some sort of contraption on the cover you’d guess at steampunk. So does it make sense to put a dog on the cover of a book about racism? It doesn’t. Yet there are book covers out there that are wrong for their genre. Many a time I’ve gone to the library and decide not read a book based on its cover and blurb. I later find out that the book is about something completely different then the cover led me to believe. Which leads me to my next point: misleading blurbs.

I know this isn’t directly involved with cover appeal but it is part of what makes you pick up certain books and drop others. I’ve pretty much stopped reading book blurbs as a means of choosing a books as they are often completely wrong or spoil the plot. I’ve read plenty of books where three quarters of the plot is outlined in the blurb and it makes me very annoyed. Blurbs are supposed to provide a taste of the book and entice readers – not spoil and provide incorrect information.

Book covers also need to stand out. I’m getting kind of sick of the typical pretty girl dress covers and covers with characters standing and staring. After a while they all begin to look the same. I’m also not a big fan of eye covers. What do eyes have to do with the book? Nothing usually.

A good book cover needs to have a cover that associated the book with the correct genre and actually related  to the book in an interesting manner.

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