Review: A Study in Scarlet by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Format: Hardcover Anthology
Age Level: Adult
Source: Library
Interest: series, plot
Series: Sherlock Holmes #1

In the debut of literature’s most famous sleuth, a dead man is discovered in a bloodstained room in Brixton. The only clues are a wedding ring, a gold watch, a pocket edition of Boccaccio’s Decameron, and a word scrawled in blood on the wall. With this investigation begins the partnership of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Their search for the murderer uncovers a story of love and revenge-and heralds a franchise of detective mysteries starring the formidable Holmes.


The phenomenon of Sherlock Holmes started with this one book, which I enjoyed more than I thought I would.

A Study in Scarlet is where we are first acquainted with the characters and the setting is introduced: Sherlock meets Watson and 221B Baker Street is bought.

Holmes is a truly original character. He has perfected the art of deduction in a way that is beyond his time. His method, though complicated is outlined multiple times in the book so as a reader, you are able to understand how the crime was solved. I look forward to reading more about him in the following books as I am sure his personality will be further developed.

I absolutely loved the setting! I mean its England in the late eighteen hundreds, whats not to love? It was also described really well, not just in terms of setting but also in how people behaved and how various jobs were conducted. You also gain insight into life in America in the West and about the Mormons. This book really took you on a journey across the continents and provided tons of interesting facts.

The way the book was written was also cool as it was part from Watson’s POV and part third person. However, since the story was written around the same it set in, the language was hard to understand and in turn made the book take forever to read. It took me double the length of time it would usually take me to read a book of that size. But my perseverance was definitely rewarded.

I would highly recommend this book to fans of a good mystery or to anyone who doesn’t mind sitting down and tackling a more complicated read.


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