Book Blogger Hop (6)

Book Blogger Hop is a weekly meme hosted this week by Knitting and Sundries, where bloggers get to answer a weekly question and then hop to other blogs!

How did you find out about book blogging and what made you decide to start one yourself?

Goodreads! I found out about blogging through my friends on Goodreads. I saw that they had links to their blogs on their Goodreads profiles, so I checked them out. I saw how much fun they seemed to be having joining in on memes, receiving ARCs, writing reviews… I started thinking “Hey, I could do that!” and that eventually morphed into this blog that you are on right now. I am proud to say that I made the right decision!


6 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop (6)

  1. I used to have an account at Goodreads but I closed it because I hardly went on it and because I didn’t connect with the community there like I did at Shelfari. I might have to give it a second chance.

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