Bookmarked Thoughts (1)

This is a new weekly meme that I`m starting where I`ll share some of my book related thoughts!

Source: Cabanon Press.com
















When I saw this picture, I just knew I had to share it! I feel like this could be turned into some sort of writing challenge: Pick three character and write a story. I bet the results would be quite interesting. Lol, jokes aside, I feel that any sci fi/ fantasy book contains these characters in some combination. This picture really got me thinking about the elements that go into the plots of some of my favourite books in these genres. These roles are slightly stereotypical and there are a few more that I would have included, but I think it just about covers everything.  Some of my favourites would have to be the necromancer and the freaks. Every time I look at this my imagination starts to wonder.  A knight with telekinesis is chasing a hairy beast, a necromancer is reviving an ancient king, the hero is conversing with travellers trying to find his lover and save the kingdom…

What do you think about this picture? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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